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Are you ready to start each week with clarity and anticipation?

My "Weekly Card" is exactly what you need. This subscription model not only brings you the wisdom of the Tarot directly via WhatsApp, but is also incredibly cost-effective and flexible with a monthly cancellation option.

Every Sunday you will receive a carefully drawn Tarot card that serves as your personal guide. This card will not only guide you through the days ahead, but also help you prepare for upcoming events and challenges. Whether you are seeking advice on personal or spiritual matters, the weekly Tarot card will provide you with insights and perspectives to help you make more conscious decisions.

Facts about the Tarot


"I love it when I get to draw your weekly cards! Even after two years, I'm still full of inner tension while I wait for your feedback."

Clio, Queen of Cards

Clio says...

Eva, Carinthia

"I always look forward to your weekly tarot card readings. They are like a little gift from the universe that helps me in my journey. Your words are so positive and encouraging."

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Every month

Hol dir deine persönliche Wochenkarte als Einstimmung auf die kommende Woche

Valid until canceled

jeden Sonntag gibts eine persönlich gezogene Wochenkarte

Sprachnachricht, in der die Karte erklärt wird (ca. 1min)

monatliche Abrechnung bis zur Kündigung

Nachricht kommt über WhatsApp

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