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Tarot cards are an ancient divinatory tool based on symbolic imagery and archetypes. It is important to note that applying tarot cards in PR requires a creative and playful approach. Care should always be taken to ensure that the interpretation of the cards is done respectfully and carefully. Tarot cards should not be used as the sole means of decision making or prediction, but rather as a tool for inspiration and to foster a deeper connection with the target audience. Here are some ways tarot cards can be used in PR:


Target group analysis

Tarot cards can be used to gain deeper insights into the needs, desires and preferences of target audiences. By interpreting the cards symbolically, PR professionals can identify hidden aspects and motivations of the target audience that may not be visible in traditional market research methods. This can help develop a more targeted communications strategy and deliver content that is precisely tailored to the needs of the target audience.


Storytelling and branding

Tarot cards tell stories and contain a variety of symbols and archetypes. In PR, these elements can be used to create a memorable brand message and tell the company story in a creative way. By selecting and interpreting tarot cards, PR professionals can develop a narrative structure that captures the essence of the brand and appeals to the target audience.


Crisis communication and problem solving

Tarot cards can also be used in crisis communication and problem solving. By drawing a tarot card and interpreting it symbolically, one can find new perspectives and solutions to difficult situations. This can help PR professionals develop effective communication strategies to manage crises and restore trust with the target audience.


Source of inspiration for content

The symbolism and archetypes of the tarot cards can be a rich source of inspiration for content development. They can help PR professionals generate new ideas for blog posts, social media posts or PR campaigns. By connecting the card meanings with the company's messages, unique and engaging content can be created that will capture the attention of the target audience.

Image by Keith Hardy


Involvement of the target group

Tarot cards can also be used to engage the target audience. For example, a PR campaign could be launched that asks the target audience to select a tarot card and share its meaning in relation to a specific question. This encourages interaction and allows people to connect with the brand or organization on a personal level.

Working in the energy field and in the Akashic Chronicle is not a substitute for a doctor's appointment or a therapist! It can be used as an accompanying and supportive tool.

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