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Very easy and without much fuss:

Order your social media content plan using the form

for 4 weeks

What do you get?

You will receive a

Plan with content topics that you can post on your social media channel -

tailored to you and individually adapted.

When will you receive your 4-week content plan?

You will have your content plan as a .pdf in your email inbox within 72 hours at the latest.

Content Plan

just pay 35€


Select your post type(s):
Frequency/How often should you post?

- Consistency and therefore trust among the target group

- targeted approach by matching the needs and goals of the target group

- Increased efficiency and resulting possible increase in productivity

- possible improved SEO performance by targeting relevant keywords

- long-term, strategic planning to keep the goal in sight

Your advantages:


Get your content plan for only

Which parameters are taken into account in the content plan?

My content plan is based on parameters such as your goals & target audience, formats, frequencies, keywords, SEO and your resources.

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