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Human Design is a unique system of self-awareness and personality development based on elements of astrology, the I Ching, Kabbalah and quantum physics. It provides a profound understanding of individual energy profiles and enables people to recognize their unique talents, strengths and challenges.


Understanding the target groups

Human Design allows PR professionals to gain deeper insights into the needs, preferences and behaviors of different target groups. Each individual has a unique energy profile that provides information about how they best absorb and process information. By applying Human Design, PR professionals can tailor their messages to the needs of each target group and ensure more effective communication.


Authenticity and individuality

Human Design encourages people to recognize and embrace their true nature. In PR, companies and organizations can use this philosophy to emphasize their own authenticity and individuality. Instead of being guided by predefined ideas of success or popularity, they can emphasize their unique characteristics and thus build an honest and credible connection with the public.


Conflict resolution and cooperation

Human Design provides tools for managing conflict and promoting collaboration. In PR, PR professionals can use these tools to mediate conflict situations between companies and the public. By understanding the different energy profiles, they can adapt communication and contribute to more harmonious and constructive collaboration.


Crisis communication

In times of crisis, effective communication is crucial. Human Design can help PR professionals determine the best course of action for crisis communication. By considering the individual energy profiles of those involved, they can tailor communication to their specific needs and responses, minimizing the impact of the crisis on the company or organization.

Image by Keith Hardy


Personal Branding

Human Design enables individuals to understand their own energy profile and leverage their unique talents and abilities. In PR, PR professionals can use these insights to develop personal branding strategies. By analyzing people's individual energy profiles, they can identify their strengths and weaknesses and develop a personalized brand message that reflects the person's authenticity and uniqueness.

Working with tarot cards is no substitute for a doctor's appointment or a therapist! It can be used as an accompanying and supportive tool.

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