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What will people say?

Yes, you've read that correctly!

I want to tackle it with you. Some time ago, I was the same scaredy-cat with huge visions.

Well, are you excited?

I feel you

Are you still at the very beginning?

Do you dream big and want to spread your message to the world, but feel paralyzed when trying to make that dream a reality?

Be honest with yourself: Don't you long for someone to take you by the hand, exactly where you are now, and lead you step by step through your individual jungle?

Are you looking for a real partner in battle who will go into battle with you and face your challenges head on?

I AM KLIO - your personal witch 🔮✨

What will people say?

Your program in your visibility -

all at your pace


the work on

You have 100 minutes in the block, which is about your personal development. Whether you want to resolve blockages, find your visions in an Akashic reading, work on your inner parts, or take advantage of coaching - it's up to you.

working on your

Together we will create your personal homepage (we work with Wix Premium - you should have already purchased it) - color coordinated & with your own branding.

Your homepage should be tailored to you and your target group and arouse curiosity. Your appearance is everything!

working on your

Together we develop your own brand, including target group analysis, positioning, branding, social media content plan and topics for your Instagram channel, definition of your goals and visions - WOW!

Do you feel it?

I think we would be a good match!

working on your

You read that right: We're working on your online product! We'll define the general goals, detailed goals, competencies, a content structure and outline, goals and non-goals, the target group and if you need anything else. Cool, right?

If you want, we can also create a 0€ product together.

Your plan in visibility

Our work together is divided into three major sections.

You can also exchange the individual topics with each other - depending on what is more important to you: individual & flexible

first step:

100 minutes of work on YOU

Intensive block homepage creation



Instagram profile

Product planning + 0€ product

second step:

100 minutes of work on YOU

Content planning based on content pillars

Community building

Competitive analysis

Editorial plan

third step:

100 minutes of work on YOU

Structure of your website

Home Website

About page + 1 more page

Establishment Newsletter

Do you say YES?


Grow Your Vision

You want to make a difference but don't know where to start?

How about a free analysis session?

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